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Step into a realm where the Mediterranean dances to the vibrant beat of families in search of that flawless mix of chill and thrill. This is where the concept of a family resort is not just met but transformed—crafted for the laughter of children and the relaxation of adults, intertwining every second with memories to hold dear. Welcome to the zenith of family escapades, a harmonious blend of golden sands, shimmering waters, and the sun’s embrace, crafting the utopia of your dreams.

The GrandResort Limassol - Pups Baby Club

Pups Baby Club

Designed for children ages three through eight, the Small Children’s Mini Club offers a supervised programme with educational games and activities. An animation team prepares different themes to entertain the little ones every day. There are age-appropriate shows, games, immersive and adventurous competitions, face painting, arts and crafts, and many other surprises. After hours and hours of exciting games, the children’s dinner buffet draws the youngest foodies at Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort with healthy and local treats and kiddie favourites.

The GrandResort Limassol - “Sago” Kids Club

“Sago” Kids Club

Step into the enchanting "Sago" Kids Club. It's a playful paradise for our cherished young adventurers aged 4 to 8. This place is a haven of creativity and fun. It is staffed by pros in childcare. We offer a world of fun activities that are designed to spark joy and imagination. Offering peace of mind for parents, personalized babysitting services are available upon request, ensuring every family moment is seamless and worry-free. "Sago" Kids Club is more than just a place; it's the highlight of your child's summer, promising unforgettable experiences under the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun.

Club Hours for Our Young Guests:

Morning Sessions: 09:00 - 12:30

Afternoon Delights: 14:30 - 18:00

The GrandResort Limassol - Outdoor Playground

Outdoor Playground

Nestled by the gentle hum of the children's pool, our seaside playground emerges as a lively sanctuary of fun beneath the radiant embrace of the Mediterranean sun. We've created a joyful space for our young guests. It's full of playfulness and safety. We invite adults to join in this symphony of laughter and watchful care, ensuring a harmonious and secure adventure for all. This vibrant nook is more than a playground; it's a backdrop for delightful memories, where every slide, swing, and sandbox game is infused with the charm of seaside play. Here, under the azure sky, every moment is an unfiltered happiness.

The GrandResort Limassol - Children’s Paddling Pool

Children’s Paddling Pool

Dive into the heart of summer fun at our lovely freshwater paddling pool. It's a blissful oasis made for our youngest adventurers. With its gentle embrace of 55cm depths, it's an idyllic paradise for budding swimmers to frolic under the sun's caress, a true embodiment of the Mediterranean's warm, welcoming embrace. Here, every splash tells a story of joy, every ripple a giggle, in a sanctuary where the summer spirit dances on water, inviting families to share in moments of sunlit bliss and playful discoveries.

The GrandResort Limassol - Delightful Children’s Meals

Delightful Children’s Meals

Dive into a world where breakfast is less about the 'must-eat' and more about the 'can't-wait-to-eat' for our little guests at The GrandResort Limassol. Choose between the cozy nooks of your room or the lively buzz of the Palms Restaurant to kickstart the day. Our kiddo-catered menu is a playful fusion of Mediterranean zest and universally loved classics, ensuring every morning begins with giggles and lip-smacking goodness. It's not just a meal; it's the start of another enchanting adventure.

The GrandResort Limassol - Babysitting Service

Babysitting Service

Need a moment or planning a twosome twilight twirl? Our Babysitting Service is your knight in shining armor. Or, in our case, your trusted companion in the art of child delight. Our babysitters are more than just sitters; they're Mediterranean warmth in human form, professional yet packed with playfulness, ensuring your treasures are tucked in happiness while you rediscover 'us' time.

The GrandResort Limassol - Batana Teens Club

Batana Teens Club

The Batana Teens Club is where boredom checks out and excitement rocks in, designed specifically for the young and the restless. From the click-clack of Air Hockey battles, strategic Pool Table face-offs, PS5 epic showdowns, to the nostalgic flick of Football Table and Arcade Games, it's a haven of cool. Open from 10:00 to 19:00, it's the perfect place for your teens to create those 'remember when' moments.

The GrandResort Limassol - SPA for Kids

SPA for Kids

Why should grown-ups have all the pampering? At The GrandResort, we roll out the relaxation red carpet for the kiddos too. The Oasis Spa transforms into a wonderland of wellness with treatments tailor-made for our mini guests. From giggles to tranquility, our spa wizards craft each experience to sprinkle joy and serenity, teaching the art of chill from the earliest years. Here, every little guest embarks on a blissful voyage, cozied up in the lap of luxury, designed to twinkle tiny toes and light up little eyes.

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